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Do you suffer from language errors in your academic work being a Non-native English speaker?

Does your assignments and dissertation convey the right meaning to your target audience?

Most globally recognized universities insist on their students’ English language to be of high standards as it carries 10-20% of their marks and the faculty members, future students and researchers have to understand their research work to get the best out of it. Though the research may be unique, if it is not understood because of English language errors, then it may lead to disappointments. To avoid this, Avail Research Help offers English language editing and proofreading services to both native as well as non-native English speakers who are studying across the globe.

What our English language editing and proofreading services offer?

Avail Research Help, the pioneer in editing research-based documents help you get rid of errors even in the most difficult technical document. We provide our English Language editing and proofreading services to a wide range of documents such as

  • Dissertations / Theses / Project reports
  • Manuscripts / Journal articles
  • Assignments / Case studies / Course works / Essays / Reports
  • Text Books and Technical Documents (Manuals, White papers, Troubleshooting Guides, SOPs)

Here, you can see some of the sample works for English Language Editing and Proofreading. You can also get a personalized sample work of your own document by contacting us.

Why you need to commit our English Language Editing and Proofreading service?

Being a research document editor, we ensure not only your English is of high standards, but also check for the research competency and provide you suggestions absolutely free of cost

  • 100% confidentiality
  • Free ‘Certificate of English Language Editing
  • Free ‘technical editing’ suggestions
  • Highly competent English language Editors with Subject Matter Experience
  • Experience in handling a wide range of subjects from A-Z
  • Affordable price quote and Quick Turn-Around-Time
  • Excellent communication from the project confirmation till the end
  • Referral discounts and come-back offers

How can you reach Avail Research Help for editing your document?

We’ve workedwith students and scholars from National and International universitiesand have edited the research documents according to their University style. Our clients belong to various countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Australia, Dubai, Gulf countries, US, UK, India and the Philippines. Just a click in this contact form or email us at info@availresearchhelp.com can improve the standards of your English Language