Peer-reviewing, Editing and Proofreading services for Journal publishers

Does your journal lackcritical peer-reviewers who are capable of handling multiple subjects?

Do you think your peer-reviewing committee doesn’t provide valuable insights to the authors?

Avail Research Help provides exclusive Peer-reviewing, Editing and Proofreading services for Journal publishing companies which publish research Journals.
Every Journal publishing company is started with an aim to be the world’s top journal publisher which becomes only a dreams for many. The reason behind which, is that the Editor-in-Chief finds it challenging to take decisions on the manuscripts that they receive in huge volumes and the peer-reviewer’s hazy comments on the proceedings. The Editor finds it difficult based on the peer-reviewers suggestions whether to accept or reject the manuscript. Avail Research Help, a team of professional experts which include PhD holders in different subjects, Language editors and Proof readers help the Editor-in-Chief to take right decision at the right time in a clear and professional manner.

What does Avail Research Help offers in Journal Peer-reviewing and Editing & Proofreading?

Avail Research Help identifies the right Subject Matter Editor and Peer-reviewer once the Editor-in-chief allots the paper for editing and peer-reviewing. The peer-reviewer

  • Classifies the paper (as review, empirical, editorial, case study etc.,)
  • Checks and comment on Clarity of the research concept
  • Questions about the Statement of purpose, research objective, reviews, methodology, results, outcome, study limitations and recommendations
  • Identifies the non-coherence in the paper
  • Denotes the non-compliance about the Journal specifications in terms of style, structure and sentence
  • Checks the author compliance (in terms of permissions, copyrights etc)
  • Edits the document for Language and Proofreading

Why a journal publisher needsour Journal Peer-reviewing, Editing and Proofreading services?

Due to the rising competition in the publishing industry, every journal editor face challenges which belongs to extreme ends i.e., High number of manuscripts received with low quality or Low number of manuscripts with low quality. However an Editor-in-Chief struggles to find the right research article delivered to the target audience within the given time frame. A journal publisher needs our Journal Peer-reviewing, Editing and Proofreading services

  • Acceptance of qualified manuscripts: The journal publisher do not need to have a list of peer-reviewers or committee members who doesn’t or contribute little to the journal’s growth. Our team of professional Subject Matter Experts help you scrutinize the manuscripts easily
  • Unbiased Review policy: Avail Research Help strictly follows double-blind peer-review policy which ensures that your journal articles are reviewed twice to Subject Matter Expertise so that the results are with no bias. Further we follow the journal’s specific Review form to address the author
  • Plagiarism Checking and Reduction: The Journal publisher don’t need to spend extra for checking plagiarism in the content developed by authors as we check the same and reduce on behalf of authors in order to ensure that your journal’s quality is assured
  • Value-added services to authors: The publisher’s authors are serviced at one point of contact i.e., You, the journal publisher, in order to get their manuscripts published without any hassles such as employing an freelance editor/proof reader etc.,
  • Fast and Reliable Turn-Around-Time: The authors don’t need to wait for a long duration as the Turn-around-time for our peer-reviewing services is between 1-5 working days. The journal publisher can be very sure that the author stays with the journal for any publication, now and then
  • Formatting and referencing as per specific journal guidelines: The journal publisher need not reject manuscripts stating that the author’s style is not coherent as per journal specifications as our copyeditors keep an eye for detail and ensures the author document is complying with your journal specifications
  • Cost Saving for Journal Publishers: In comparison with the rejection rate of manuscripts, internal man hour costs, software and administration/marketing charges, our peer-reviewing, editing and peer-reviewing services for journal publishers is best value and quality output

Our Guarantees

  • 100% Quality output guaranteed
  • Experienced Subject Matter Experts who worked in various journals
  • Plagiarism checking and Plagiarism Reduction services
  • Value added services such as Illustration redraw, Image reconstruction etc.,
  • Affordable costs
  • Free formatting and referencing
  • Monthly plans for number of journals/articles

How a Journal publishing company can collaborate with us?

We’ve served small journal publishers who hold 1-2 journals per quarter to top most publishers who publish around 200 journals per year. We would like to analyse the requirement from a journal editor based on which our rates are provided which are custom-made. Editor-in-Chiefs can get in touch with us today for a collaboration