Terms and Conditions


The term ‘We’, ‘us’ and the ‘company’ denotes ‘Avail Research Help’, with its headquarters at Chennai, India within its jurisdiction. The Policy, Terms and conditions are applicable to the users who browse through the website www.availresearchhelp.com and those who are communicating to us for their research, academic and business requirements to be completed and those who committed projects with the company on mutual financial agreements. Those users and visitors whom include, but not limited to researchers, individuals, companies, MNCs, SMEs, professionals, self-Employed, Entrepreneurs are referred as ‘client(s)’ and the company will be other called as ‘service provider’

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes how and when Avail research help collects information from individuals and companies regarding the personal, official, research and academic which includes, but not restricted to Hard and soft copies of the content, images, concept, data, videos used solely for the purpose of Business and not sold to any other third party without the consent of the individual.


No material (such as content, images, concept, data and any other forms of confidential information) pertain to ‘Avail Research Help’ from its website or its social media or any other form of its promotional materials should be copied partly or in full, without obtaining proper written permission from ‘Avail Research Help’ if done so, they are liable to legal proceedings. The content in the website is the work totally owned by the company. If found copied by other such service providers, legal proceedings apply. The confidential details of the ‘client’ will not be shared to any other third party at any time in any instances other than the legal proceedings/official internal training purposes.

  • The services offered are only the supportive services of the academic and professional researchers, individuals, research groups and academicians, MNCs, Organizations, Govt. and the NGOs. We are not into content/data/image/video development of any illegal, erotica, content which hurts religions, caste, creed and humanities.
  • The data shared with us during the project confirmation, irrespective of whether project confirmed or not, the data will be kept confidential since the copyrights of the works held with the client/researcher only, provided dues are cleared as committed. Other than internal training purpose, your project works will not be used for any purpose at any time from our end. We do not share any of your research works in future with third parties on any occasion. 100% confidentiality is maintained


  • The price quote for any work committed with us is decided based on the initial discussion. So if there is any changes in the initial requirement after commencing the project or during the project, then additional payment applies accordingly.
  • The assistance availed with us is completely legal and no university, organization, journal, individual has restricted to avail our services.


Payment terms:

  • Masters Dissertation editing and PhD thesis editing: Based on 50% advance payment, the project will be initiated and when the first 50% of the work is dispatched, further work will be proceeded. Based on the final payment received, the final work will be dispatched. Final work can be dispatched only after clearing the complete dues as committed
  • Manuscript editing, English Language editing, Transcription services: 100% advance
  • Primary data collection services: Based on 50% advance payment, the project will be initiated and when the first 50% of the data is collected, further work will be proceeded. Based on the final payment received, the final data will be dispatched. The final data can be dispatched only after clearing the complete dues as committed
  • In case, if the project dues are not cleared, then an official notification will be given within 7 days of the project closure after which the project will be considered as the sole property of Avail Research Help team. The author/client will have no rights on the same.
  • If the information (or files or data) required for the services availed is not received from the client/researcher/author/company, the agreed dates will be postponed accordingly. Upto a maximum of 7 working days, we can wait for the files after which the project will be considered as closed. No refund of the advance payment is possible
  • In plagiarism correction services, the technical terms, standard quotes, standard organization names, tables/graphs will be retained as it is since this should not be changed. The amount of plagiarism will be less than or equal to 15-20% for PhD thesis work and less than or equal to 10% for all other research and corporate documents
  • The researcher/client/author who availed our plagiarism correction services if find plagiarism % is higher than the commitment, then the plagiarism report and the final word document submitted, should be provided in order to provide enough justification

Refund policy

  • There is no refund for any kind of work since we provide a maximum of two times revisions, provided comments with proper justification