Transcription services

Are you worried about transcribing high volumes of your respondent’s interviews?

Is your discussion recordings so fast and unclear for you to convert into reports?

Transcription services offered by Avail Research Help covers a wide range of recordings such as Interviews, Focus groups, Seminars/Conferences, Group discussions, Lectures, Invited talks, Market Research recording, Interviews, Media and Journalism recordings and Medical transcription. Avail Research Help is specialized in both verbatim as well as non-verbatim transcription services since it consists of experts from research, legal, medical, corporate and language editors who are keen in converting the recordings into the committed type of recording as per the client requirement. We take care in transcribing each and every word as our subject-specific experts critically think twice if a word is recorded unclear so that it doesn’t mean the other way.

What Avail Research Help offers in Transcription services to you?

Avail Research help offers the best in transcription services for both the verbatim and non-verbatim transcripts. Our experts who are well-versed in transcribing the recordings to content ensure they give you the exact word the participant uttered

  • Fillers and Ambient sounds are captured: Our Transcription services capture the fillers such as ‘hmmm’, ‘you know’, ‘ah’ and so on since these words predict important insights in the legal and research transcriptions. So we take care of those minor important things. Further, the ambient sounds are captured in order to give you a view about the participant environment and surroundings
  • Clean transcripts excluding fillers and ambient sounds: Academic, Research and business meeting records often include fillers which we avoid unless and until it is specified as the ‘minutes of the meeting’ forms the core of the transcription. Our transcription services capture the best theme out of the recording
  • No influence on the content: Our transcribing experts transcribe as per the specifications and no intrusion of their own experience in the content so that you can be very sure about the output. Our Transcription services ensure your content is with no influence
  • Specialized experts: Our transcription services in the areas of Medical, Legal and Corporate are specialized since the transcriber would be already aware of the concepts, terminologies and technical definition. So you can be very sure to inconsistency in the transcribed content
  • Editing and proofreading services: Our transcription services not only transcribe the audio/video to content, but also proofread and make the document free of errors so that you can directly use it for further proceedings

Why you need to avail our Transcription services?

Avail Research Help, a team of professional experts from a variety of background offer specialized transcription services specific to medical, legal, corporate, research and academic professionals. Our transcription services are

  • Man-made with no software conversion involvement
  • Accurate and error-free
  • Confidential with stringent data archiving policy
  • Custom-made and focused on quality
  • Handled by Experienced Subject matter experts
  • Affordable with no hidden charges

Avail Research Help, for all your transcription needs from research-academia to corporate

You can ask us transcribe any kind of documents in research, academia, medical, legal, corporate and so on. Our Expert transcribers are here to convert the recordings into content as per the requirements and the commitment. Do email us now for an obligation-free quote